Nestled within a bay front showcase of natural wonders, there is a special place where people and nature do peacefully coexist. Where condominiums, single-family homes and villas are carefully sprinkled among the pines and caressed by Gulf breezes. IMG Academies Golf & Country Club at El Conquistador is an unhurried place where golf is played and good times are shared without disturbing the natural beauty of this extraordinary setting. And it is perhaps the best-kept secret in southwest Florida.


IMG Academies Golf & Country Club at El Conquistador is located in southwest Bradenton, only minutes from Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, beaches, theatres, and a host of cultural activities, and just 15 minutes from downtown Sarasota.


Our spectacular clubhouse is located on the shores of beautiful Sarasota Bay, and is designed for entertaining family and friends.  IMG Academies Golf & Country Club at El Conquistador’s 18-hole championship golf course is known as one of the Suncoast’s premier golf courses and was completely renovated in 2003.


Keeping young and happy by playing golf



There are many great sports out there that can be played for fun or for exercise. A lot of people will take up a sport when they get older, that way they can still be active, but they can still also fill their days with something they will enjoy, thus making them happier. Golf is one of those sports that both men and women will start playing for fun, and to stay fit. It is a great sport for those that really cannot engage in physically demanding sports, but still wants to get out and enjoy doing something again.


You can start golfing at any level. While it may not seem difficult to do, there is a certain art about making sure your swing is perfect and that you are able to hit the ball as far as you can. Getting a golf coach will often help you find the right way to swing your golf club and tee off in the best possible way.


The great thing about golf, is that it is a sport many can enjoy without really caring how well they do. This is a great way of staying happy while playing sports. When you play for fun, you take away some of the pressure of the game and you can really just enjoy the game itself, and those that you start playing with.


It’s a great sport to actually help you get fit with. If you choose to walk the golf course instead of taking a cart, you can actually get a bit of cardio in on those days that you play. Because the sport itself is not entirely demanding of the body, people often think it is a soft sport, but when you consider the motion of needing to swing the golf club, and all the walking you can do, it actually can really help you get fit.


Playing any sport will often make you happier, especially when you really enjoy it. Golf is no exception. It can help you get fit and active again, while also allowing you to play with friends or your significant other. Whether you have played for years or you are just starting to play, it’s a great activity to engage in that is both fun and healthy. And if you are playing to keep yourself happy, it really doesn’t matter how well you play or not. As long as you enjoy it, nothing else matters.